The Owners' Page

Advertising your property with us

To join us either with a free trial or a premium subscription, you start by clicking on Add Property, which will guide you through the process. You can either start with our free trial to see if our sites work for you or go directly to our premium listing.

If you have the text and photos available, it should take you around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. To see a completed entry, click this example (opens in new window).

Why advertise with us?

  • Pretty much unlimited text because it's the text that brings people to you. We say "pretty much unlimited" because there is a limit but, so far, nobody has reached it; when they do, we'll raise the limit.
  • Up to 10 photos of your place. We regularly increase this limit.
  • No commissions payable to us by you or your guests.
  • A site that you control because you can edit the text or change the photos at any time which suits you.
  • A range of sites which we extend as time goes on to target different markets and, of course, we put your entry on the appropriate ones from our range automatically.
  • We keep your e-mail private and protect you from people skimming our site and sending you junk mail. We don't send spurious booking enquiries when your premium subscription is running out either as many sites do.
  • Real-time statistics. We even tell you exactly what search that the guest used to reach your page eg if they searched, found our site then browsed to find your property, we'll tell your the original search that they made. Other sites will tell you is that you got a click from them; we'll tell you how people arrived in the first place which is much more important.
  • We'll even review your website and let you know if there's anything that you could do to improve the traffic that you get and make it more findable by guests. Several sites have more than trebled their traffic (and, yes, their own-site bookings) after following some simple suggestions we made.
  • Our charges are per owner, not per property. So you can have multiple entries (up to 5) so long as the title and description you use are unique to each one. Beyond 5 properties, talk to us: we're pretty reasonable.
  • You don't drop off our listings just because your premium subscription has run out. All that happens is that your entry reverts to the free trial style.

Amending an existing entry with us

  1. This is free.
  2. Either use the link to your control panel that we sent to you or click on Amend Property to look it up.