Advertising your holiday property

Advertising your bed and breakfast (B&B), self-catering property, vacation rental or hotel

To join us either with a free trial or a premium subscription, you start by selecting your type of property, country and language below, and then click Add Property to continue.

If you have the text and photos available, it should take you around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the process (you don't need to do it all in one go). To see a completed entry, click this example (opens in new window).

Type of property

We recommend that if you do more than one type (eg B&B and self-catering) that you add separate entries for each with photos and wording unique to each usage.


Choose "other" if your country isn't on the list and include your country name and region in the comments section so that we can set it up for you.


All entries should be in English. For France, you have the option of adding an additional entry in French. If you feel that your English isn't good enough, don't worry as we'll tidy it up for you.


1. Free: we put ads on your page and don't charge you anything.

2. Premium:£29/39€/$49 per year Payment is by credit/debit card.

3. Special offer on this advert: Premium listing for £3.95 to the end of this year.

Advantages vs the free option include the absence of adverts on your property page, your entry will appear before the free entries in your area and you'll get a direct link to your own website.